Welcome to Raaw Meat Market! Your locally owned and operated one stop shop for all things Wagyu and premium specialty food items; located in N. Miami Beach. We specialize and stock the finest Wagyu from around the world including the rare Shirogane Umami Wagyu and Kadosh Kosher Wagyu, YES you read that correctly we stock 100% Full Blood Kosher Umami Wagyu. (Glatt STAR-K Hashgacha) All of our locations are full specialty markets offering only the highest quality seasonings, salts, sauces, treats, and cooking accesories. Attention to detail, pride in workmanship, and a commitment to consistent quality is what makes us stand out. We only work with the highest quality of meats from USDA Prime, 100% Full Blood Wagyu, Australian Premium Wagyu and Japanese A5/A5+ and Kosher Wagyu and other kosher meats. We don't purchase any pre cut and packaged meats like many other online butchers/meat shops, we own the cows, we hand pick them and only keep the ones that meet our high standards.

Contact Us
  • Aventure / N. Miami

    18519 W Dixie Hwy
    Miami, FL 33180

    Tues - Fri, 11am - 7pm
    Saturday, 11am - 7pm
    Sunday, 11am - 5pm


  • Boca Raton

    Opening Q3 2021

  • Long Island

    Coming Q1 2022

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